Viriya Group, LLC is a grassroots company that ships raw Volcanically grown Moringa, Sea Moss (from underwater Volcano, Kick’em Jenny) and other natural products from our home in the Caribbean to our home in the US. When our group learned of the benefits of moringa, we decided to bring it to the US market where other similiar products are being sold, but doesn’t have the potency that our volcanically-grown moringa has. So we decided to introduce our brand to the US consumer.​
Our group consists of a family-owned operation with growers from the Caribbean with packers and distributors in the US.
This superfood moringa is grown by local farmers where fair trade is offered to produce vegetable, herbs and spices in volcanic rich soil to obtain maximum nutritional value. You can taste and immediately tell the difference in the produce when it’s grown in the richest soil on earth.
All our products are grown in the same way–fresh water and volcanic based environment. No preservatives, additives or pesticides are ever used, bringing you the best nature has to offer.
Call for Bulk pricing where we ship to you or visit one of our outlets listed for direct purchase.
Loving Life Health Foods, Detroit, MI
Nutri-Foods, Royal Oak, MI
The Nail Box, Grosse Pointe, MI
Back 2 Eden, Grand River/Greenfield– Detroit, MI
East Coast Rep., David Jones 313-425-1045
Mid-West Rep., Jesse De La Cruz 779-703-2523