Yes, we have Wild Volcanically Grown Sea Moss,(Not Farm Raised)picked from the underwater volcano, Kick’em Jenny off the coast of Grenada. Our Sea Moss is Sun dried, cleaned and packed for shipment to the States and Europe.  Yes we catch our own sea moss,(yes pic) so we can guarantee that best Golden Sea Moss to our customers.  So, how the make Sea Moss Gel:  take 1oz of dry Sea Moss and place in plastic container(bowl) with a whole sliced Lime/Lemon to sit on counter overnight.  In the morning rinse off and put in blender with Distilled water.  Blender until smooth like apple sauce.  Pour in pitcher and place in refrigerator until it thickens.  Spoon out 1-2 table spoon to consume as is or add to your energy/smoothies or favorite juice drinks. You can freeze the Gel and thaw out the amount you wish to use. Frozen, it will last for 2-3 month. Refrigerated, consume within 7 days.


Sea Moss carries 93 of the 103 nutrients needed for human consumption/basically good health, however with this volcanic version, you get stronger nutrients, the same nutrients that creates pearls from oysters and other shell organisms. For example, while the average oyster/mussel grows 4-6inches, our ocean shells grow up to 14 inches in length, due to the rich underwater environment in                 which it grows.




Moringa Seed

Increases energy levels when ingested alone and more energy when taken with Wild Yam capsules.

Moringa Seed/Leaf Powder

Stabilizes energy levels. Moringa seeds powder is a powerful laxative and is to be taken only by one- half teaspoon or more for occasional constipation.

Moringa Leaf Tea

Assists in feeding nutrient to the body to help allievate aliments, including leveling high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer when taken with Sour Sop. Aids in constipation when taken alone. Also a beauty aid by placing wet tea bags on the eyes. Sufficient amount of vitamins, like A,E,C,and D.

Custard Apple Leaf Powder

Assists with insomnia, eliminate diabetes, high blood pressure, inflammation and assist in fighting serious body damaging cells with moringa.”

Karela Leaf Powder

Helps in regulating insulin within the pancreas. Highly recommended for diabetic sufferers. The Anti-viral properties also makes the herb valuable according to West Indian and East Indian cultures. Consult with your doctor to avoid adverse interaction with prescribed medication.

Volcanic Turmeric

There are numerous brands of turmeric on the market now and most suggest to add black pepper for stronger potency. Our Volcanic version does not need anything added and is the strongest found with 95% Curcumin.


We are not FDA approved and do not diagnose, cure or treat any illnesses.

Underwater Volcanic Sea Moss