Yes, we have Wild Volcanically Grown Sea Moss,(Not Farm Raised)picked from the underwater volcano, Kick’em Jenny off the coast of Grenada. Our Sea Moss is Sun dried, cleaned and packed for shipment to the States and Europe.  Yes we catch our own sea moss,(yes pic) so we can guarantee that best Golden Sea Moss to our customers.


Guinea Pepper Leaves

Similar to the taste of peppermint, Helps to manage the effect of free radical. Aids in digestion. Freshens breath and cleanses the colon.

Moringa Seed

Increases energy levels when ingested alone and more energy when taken with Wild Yam capsules.

Moringa Seed/Leaf Powder

Stabilizes energy levels. Moringa seeds powder is a powerful laxative and is to be taken only by one- half teaspoon or more for occasional constipation.

Moringa Leaf Tea

Assists in feeding nutrient to the body to help allievate aliments, including leveling high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer when taken with Sour Sop. Aids in constipation when taken alone. Also a beauty aid by placing wet tea bags on the eyes. Sufficient amount of vitamins, like A,E,C,and D.

Custard Apple Leaf Powder(Graviola, SS)

Assists with insomnia, eliminate diabetes, high blood pressure, inflammation and assist in fighting serious body damaging cells with moringa.

Karela Leaf Powder

Helps in regulating insulin within the pancreas. Highly recommended for diabetic sufferers. The Anti-viral properties also makes the herb valuable according to West Indian and East Indian cultures. Consult with your doctor to avoid adverse interaction with prescribed medication.


Our Lemongrass is in dry leaf form to preserve its potency. Used in Western cultures for flavoring soups, dishes and perfumes for lotions/soap,etc. In the East and Caribbean, its also used to combat colds and flu.

Nut Meg and Mace

Our Nut Meg lends a rustic Caribbean savory flavor to any dish. However, it too offers medicinal remedies used in other parts of the world.
Nutmeg seed is effective for treating tuberculosis, fever, cough, colds, paralysis, skin diseases (eczema, acne, eczema), gastrointestinal diseases (vomiting and diarrhea).
We offer the Mace for gourmet soups and wine. Mace in powder or tea form is used to alleviate pain and is used in most cough syrups. The blades are often placed on fine dishes as a garnishment as well.

Calabash Bowls

These Calabash Bowls(ok, Coconut bowls as most insist) are a favorite at outdoor island themed picnics or camping. Made from the Calabash tree, they come in various sizes and are microwave, dishwasher safe.


We are USDA approved through US Customs.    We are not FDA approved and do not diagnose, cure or treat any illnesses.

Underwater Volcanic Sea Moss