Cinnamon Sticks-Beautifully Potent


These cinnamon sticks come in various sizes and is beautifully potent. Yes, you will be able to tell it came from serious volcanic soil!! It’s texture is light weight and it’s color is bright and bold.  Break off the amount you need easily for tea or to grind. We have the cinnamon leaves as well that adds more spice to your tea when boiling. Our cinnamon and nutmeg is a excellent combination!!  Your traditional meals will have a whole new flavor.

After you boil the cinnamon leaves in your tea pot, then add a stick for cinnamon tea or your favorite tea, OMGoodness!! Cinnamon lovers will be only too pleased.

We sale 4, 1.5ozs for $20.  Also available in bulk of 1 pound or more.  Call for pricing.


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Weight 1 lbs


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