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Graviola(Guanabana//Sour Sop)


Graviola/Guanabana/Sour Sop This fruit has various names from various countries, but all agree that the health benefits are natures answers to many remedies. The list includes healthier looking skin and hair,  reduces the effects of eczema, reduction of inflammation of the joints and swollen feet, ridding the head of head lice, and very nutritional. Along with Moringa, you have the two most potent combination on earth.  It, too has over 300 uses for 300 ailments such as lupus, kidney problems and gall bladder issues. Now you can have, Yes, the volcanic brand, proven to be more nutritional than what’s currently on the US market.   You can get the 1/2 leaf package at $6 or the Vegi capsules at $15.  2 or more, just $10 for dry leaves and $25 for Vegi capsules.   Here’s to your Health!!!  

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