Moringa Tea Leaves, 1oz.


Moringa leaves are just as potent as the powder.  For those hot and iced tea drinkers, this is the perfect tea for a morning start to an early exercise regimen or heading to work. Nursing mothers in other countries drink the tea to enhance their breast milk for their newborns.  Yes, their feeding their infants traces minerals the Diamond particles, Gold, Silver, Copper, and Zinc found in the lava rocks and soil.  The other the major nutrients are:  25x the Iron of Spinach, 7x the Vitamin of Oranges, 4x the Vitamin A of Carrots, 4x the Calcium of Milk, 4x the Protein of Eggs, 3x Potassium of Bananas. 1oz, suggested use: 1-2 teaspoon for every 8oz water or 1 large tea bags for consumption through the day. TRY: Moringa tea with 1-2 cinnamon sticks and raw honey or agave, along with squeezed lime for taste.  Hot or Cold,  Delicious!!!

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