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  1. I’ve used the guanabana and the sea moss. It must be volcanic because it’s so much stronger than anything I’ve used on the market.

    The guanabana I used for my sinuses and I used the sea moss for my hair and juice. My hair is thicker and my breathing is better.

    Im now a loyal customer

  2. This product is amazing especially the Sour Sop. My mom has Lupus, and I purchased the Sour Sop for her. She uses it, and since she has been using it, it has eliminated the pain, and numbness that she was feeling in her feet, and hands from the Lupus. This product is amazing!!!

  3. Shortly after turning eighteen, I became acutely aware of a circumstance that I began to endearingly refer to as, the “SNIFFLESNOTTEROUSES”!
    Thus began a cycle that would “RUN ON” from my “YOUTHFUL YEARS”, to the onset of my “SENIOR STANDING”!
    After secretly cornering the “TISSUES MARKET” through due diligence in the purchasing of “GYNORMOUS” amounts, 
    I decided to find a Dr. with whom I felt comfortable enough to be totally honest without fear of becoming entangled in the, never ending BONDAGE …….You know the type……..Where a Dr. keeps sending you to take one test after another?
    To make a short story shorter before I forget my point, it started in 1971 when I was eighteen and it ended in 2014 when this young Sister of whom I have yet to meet, apparently had a conversation with my daughter, during which Yvonne shared how bad I suffered all these years, not to mention the unending supply of ALLERGY MEDICINE, SINUS MEDICINE, TISSUE BOXES, EYE DROPS, and let’s not talk about the SHOTS from inexperienced nurses who couldn’t stop my rolling veins.
    So after just (47) years, and at a vibrantly youthful (61) years young, this beautiful Sister…….POSSESSING THE SPIRIT OF A HEALER…….. backed up the things she  shared with my daughter, by arming her with the PRODUCT she believed would DELIVER me…….It was a package of “TEA LEAVES!! Can you believe it?
    The instructions were so simple, DRINK (1) CUP A DAY FOR A WEEK, I BELIEVE. Who knew those tea leaves would change my life for the better?

    I have encouraged my suffering family members to talk to my daughter about getting some of those TEA LEAVES, asap, but a person would have to be open to sound advice, even though it may not sound PALATABLY PLAUSIBLE …….TRY THOSE TEA LEAVES!

    For (47) years…….I was diagnosed with, SINUS, SINUSITIS, with ALLERGIES to dust, animals, to various TREES, GRASSES, and FABRICS LIKE SILK, yeah right! 
    I eventually just gave up, because I felt I lacked the type of INSURANCE NECESSARY to get meds that may have actually helped, so I thought.

    Amongst those who have known me for years, they have also seen proof of, THE MIRACLE OF TEA STIRRED ONCE A DAY FOR ONE WEEK! 
    I no longer come strapped with two boxes of “SUPERB SOAKERS”, those positively must haves if one suffers the UTTER HELLISHNESS CAUSED BY, the “SNIFFLESNOTTEROUSES”
    Thanks My Sister from another mother, I Love What you’ve Done For Me!!!

    I reserve/retain/keep/own/maintain the rights to every word in this document. More specifically, any that cannot be found, within the pages of “WEBSTERS”, and (or) any other existing DICTIONARY.
    All light hearted banter aside, SWEETY, what you did for me is so phenomenal.
    I begin every day with, “THANK GOD”, instead of five or more SNEEZES, and two hands filled with USED TISSUES!
    I no longer PANIC at the realization that I left home without tissues in my pocket, my purse or my books, I PRAY YOUR SUCCESS IN LIFE, and that GOD WILL BE WITH YOU AS YOU STRIVE FOR THE BETTERMENT OF PEOPLE.
    The P.S. is meant for the OCCULI OF YOUR MIND ONLY!
    Deborah Allen

  4. I was diagnosed with discoid lupus and SLE lupus in 2014. Since that time I’ve been able to count on one hand how many times i woke up in the morning without pain. I recently tried the Moringa leaf powder and tea for 3 days on the 4th day i woke up without pain. I will continue to use these products and im very excited to see what other nutritional benefits are to come.
    – Passion T. McIver
    Passion T. McIver a year ago

  5. I am a diabetic and started mixing the Volcanic Turmeric and the Volcanic Moringa in my coffee/tea, I tell you my energy is amazing. These natural supplements are a Mother Nature blessing.

  6. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something.
    I think that you could do with a few pics to drive
    the message home a bit, but instead of that, this
    is wonderful blog. An excellent read. I’ll certainly be back.

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