Growers of Volcanic Produce-Strongest Potency of Moringa Now Available “For the First Time” in the US and World Wide!!

Welcome to Viriya Group,LLC

Why Moringa from a Volcano?



Because volcanic soil is the richest soil mother nature has to offer. The explosion of lava and ash forces the precious stones and minerals to the surface, making the stones and minerals digestible through plant life.

Diamond, Gold, Silver, Copper, and Zinc, are found in the soil and make their way into the plants from that region, thus our plants are enriched with the nutrients that you won’t find in any other Moringa product on the market.

So, when you ingest our products, you’re in a sense consuming the same precious stones that we wear on our bodies!

Ancient Kemetic people(Egyptians) knew this and placed Moringa oil in and around their tombs to take into the next life.



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